Battlegames Issues 1-26 and Table Top Teasers Available Now

Battlegames issues 1-26 and Table Top TeasersFollowing a fit of madness last week – I just refused to let myself get out of the chair until it was done – I have managed to get every one of the PDF issues of Battlegames published by me back on sale in my Payhip shop.

Issues 1-26 of Battlegames, plus the Table Top Teasers Volume 1 and my Wars of the Faltenian Succession series special are available. All the single issue magazines are now priced at £1.75, representing a significant discount on the later issues – originally, they were on sale at 50% of the original cover price, which had reached £4.95 by the time I was bought out by Atlantic Publishers.

Battlegames "Zulu!" special edition coverSome of you may remember that I also produced a Zulu Wars special, based on an article written by Dan Mersey in issue 14 of Battlegames. I had great fun with my Newline Designs 20mm British and Zulus – I even took the game ‘on tour’ to a couple of shows. It’s absolutely FREE to download right here, as well as in the Payhip shop. The PDF is about 2Mb.

Let me finish with a huge “thank you” to everyone who has encouraged me to get the shop back up and running in the wake of all the #EUVAT and #VATMOSS shenanigans at the end of 2014 that shook so many online micro-businesses to the core; and of course, to Payhip, for coming up with a simple solution that has been a joy to use. I’m hoping that, in due course, they will introduce design options that will enable people like me to customise their shopfronts somewhat more, but for now, it does the job very nicely and I’m getting great feedback from customers who are finding it very easy to use.

Screenshot showing that you can use your credit or debit cardOne final note: even though the payment is processed by PayPal, you do not need to have a Paypal account to make purchases – when you arrive at the PayPal window, there is an option to use your regular credit or debit card instead. (See the inset screenshot on the left.)

Thanks for your support and happy reading and gaming!


Battlegames Issue 1 Back On Sale

Battlegames issue 1 front coverIt’s taken a while, but I’m beginning to add the back issues of Battlegames on my Payhip site and naturally enough, issue 1 is the first to reappear alongside my Wars of the Faltenian Succession special that is already there. I hope to have issues 1-26 back up over the next couple of weeks.

Battlegames issue 1.

Keep your eyes open on the @battlegames Twitter and the Miniature Wargames and Battlegames Facebook pages for more announcements.

Wars of the Faltenian Succession Special Back On Sale

After all the shenanigans with the #EUVAT #VATMOSS legislation, which forced me to slam the brakes on as far as selling digital product from this site is concerned, I am delighted to announce that I have been able to make a start on rectifying the situation using the Payhip system.

As a symbolic gesture, I decided to make the Wars of the Faltenian Succession special the first item to make available so that I can start raising more money for Combat Stress again – £1 from the £3.50 cover price of every copy sold will go to the charity.

Rather than hosting the products on this blog, Payhip actually provides space on their site, so I shall in due course provide a new section on this site linking to all the products.

Meanwhile, here it is, then, available right now.

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Please note that all payments are now processed via Payhip, and not by me. Payhip are a highly reputable organisation and the purchase process is fully explained on their site, which is where you will be taken when you click on the “Buy” button.

Please also note that because of the new VAT legislation, Payhip will add VAT at your local rate where appropriate to the cover price of the publication. This is regrettable, but unfortunately beyond my control. This legislation covers sales between EU member states only.

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