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Battlegames issue 2 front coverGame day protocols. Bill Protz has 30 suggestions for more satisfying wargames.
Asquith’s Way. Stuart offers help for the compulsive figure buyer.
Campaign in a day. Dan Mersey presents a complete system for providing a series of linked games.
Sharpe’s pride and prejudice. Gary Mitchell, now well-known as a columnist in Miniature Wargames, brings us  some free, fun, Napoleonic skirmish rules and scenario.
First in world wargaming. Barry Hilton investigates the reasons why WWII gaming is so popular.
Table Top Teaser: Continuing the classic series of scenarios, Charles S Grant offers “The bridge at Kronstadt”.
Larry Leadhead. The amusing wargame cartoon from Eric Hotz and Douglas Hamm.
A project too far: part 1. Phil Olley offers sage advice to anyone embarking on a new wargames project.
Wargaming difficult historical battles: Teutoburg Forest. Canadian gamer Bob Barnetson describes how you can make worthwhile games from apparently hopeless situations.
The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. I continue my own series with a consideration of campaign movement and weather.
The long road to Haddington. Ross Macfarlane describes the creation of a Renaissance participation game that won him ‘best of show’ at Cold Wars..
Liebenau 1757: the game. Having set the scene in issue 1, Jim Purky provides a lively report of haow the battle played out.
To boldly go. Guy Hancock examines Rackham’s interesting Rag ‘Narok game in detail.
Guy Hancock, UK
Forward Observer. Thought-provoking columnist Mike Siggins ponders the world of wargaming.
Recce. Our experienced review team examine the latest products and services.

Battlegames issue 2 PDF
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