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Battlegames issue 5 front coverA return to the Sudan. Jim Purky gets his hands on the Gilder collection of Sudan miniatures and plays in the Grand Manner.
Modelling 10mm WW2 Paras part 2. Dave Robotham finishes his step-by-step guide.
From battle to battlegame. Ross Macfarlane explains how he translates a historical battle onto the tabletop.
One rule for one… Newcomer to the team Lee Swift outlines his helpful hints for writing your own wargames rules.
Operation Sealion. Bob Barnetson and Bruce McFarlane give us a programmed campaign to play Hitler’s planned invasion of Britain.
Table Top Teaser. Charles S. Grant brings us a terrific scenario that will have you hunting for your pirate figures: “Trouble on Treaszure Island”.
Asquith’s way. Stuart Asquith talks about the periods he doesn’t like to play, and why.
Forward Observer. Mike Siggins has plenty to say about plastics in this instalment of his regular column.
Snowballs at Brienne. Arthur Harman gives us our free game this issue — a snowball fight for those of us who probably won’t get a white Christmas!
The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. In this instalment, I write about creating a fictitious economy for your imagi-nations.
To boldly go… Guy Hancock, our F&S-F Editor, pushes for more interesting scenery to fight your battles over.
Recce. We have a huge section this time, with reviews of many new books, products and figures.
Larry Leadhead. Doug and Eric give us a little seasonal special.

Battlegames issue 5 PDF
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