Battlegames issue 07 PDF

Battlegames issue 7 front coverA brush with musketeers. Dave Robotham gives us a master-class in painting the new Musketeer Miniatures Great Northern War Swedish and Russian infantry.
Forward Observer. Mike Siggins casts an eye over the latest trends in the hobby.
The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. This time I explain a simple way to introduce personalities to your fictitious campaigns.
Battles for Wargamers — Kassassin 1882. Stuart Asquith proposes an exciting colonial action, illustrated by John Parke.
The big push. John Kersey convinces us that WWI gaming can be fun, followed by a short piece about the Editor’s grandfather who was wounded at Loos, 1915.
Sans peur et sans reproche. A real belter from Adrian Hussey gives us a great scenario for Ravenna 1512 AND provides us with a FREE set of hex-gaming rules. A classic.
Larry Leadhead. More smiles from the Canadian wits.
Table Top Teaser. Charles S Grant gives us a brand new challenge for a wargame, “Messing about on the river”. Tremendous fun!
To boldly go: Guy Hancock meets the team at Mongoose Publishing and discusses the future.
Recce. Our battle-hardened team of reviewers cast their eyes over the latest products and services.

Battlegames issue 7 PDF
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