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Battlegames issue 8 front coverThe master’s brush. A tribute to Angus McBride, penned by Angus Konstam, who collaborated with Angus Mcbride on a number of projects, and with some glorious illustrations by the master himself, courtesy of Osprey Publishing.
The wonders of the Internet. Greg Horne takes a look at Eureka’s 100 Club scheme and their Arquebusiers de Grassin.
Forward Observer. Mike Siggins is in positive mood as he surveys the hobby.
Battles for Wargamers. Kirbekan 1885. Stuart Asquith brings us another colonial battle from the Sudan, with original illustrations by John Parke.
Carry on swashbuckling. Angus Konstam again, this time giving us an overview of wargaming with pirates.
Race for the Rhine, part 1. Barry Hilton opens a mini-series on running a late WW2 campaign.
Homage to Mollwitz. ‘Michael Button’ tells the story of the big old school game put on by The War Gamers at Partizan in May.
Nano-scale armies. Bob Barnetson brings us a primer on 2mm wargaming.
The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. I describe precisly how personalities in your campaigns and battles, whether you’re using imagi-nations or real, historical nations, can have an effect on the action.
Table Top Teaser. Charles S Grant gives us a delightful encounter scenario, “Seizing the pass or ‘The Battle of Soggy Bottom’”.
To boldly go… Guy Hancock writes his last piece before taking a sabattical, explaining why he’s grown tired of WFB 2,000 point slugfests and sticking together endless plastic pieces!
• Then of course we have Larry Leadhead, and the usual extensive Recce section, reviewing umpteen items.

Battlegames issue 8 PDF
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