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Battlegames issue 12 front coverThe Don at 90. An homage to the man who has contributed perhaps more than any other to our wonderful hobby: Donald Featherstone, who turned 90 in March 2008. His friend Chris Scott sent in a piece which I have added to, accompanied by a lovely photo from talented photographer Richard Ellis.
Pulpaganza! Well-know American gamer Buck Surdu presents a wonderfully-written account of the pulp gaming extravaganza staged at Historicon. It sounds like tremendous fun was had by all, and the article describes some wonderful ideas that I know our readers will enjoy.
How to Write Wargames Rules part 2. Dillon Browne concludes his two-parter with his own set of ‘rules for rule-writing’ AND demonstrates the principles with a terrific WWI ‘tank-busting’ game that should go a long way to changing people’s minds about ‘grim’ Great War gaming.
General de Brigade: an author inspired. Dave Brown’s story of how this popular ruleset came into being, and the lengths he went to in order to ensure that it was both playable and historically accurate. He also delivers an exciting scenario to test your tabletop generalship: Salamanca — the French Rearguard.
Forward Observer. Mike Siggins’ column deals with the artistic challenges of paints and pigments, has something to say about some ‘pulp’ rules, and of course takes a look at the sudden surge of 28mm plastic figures for historical gaming.
Battles for wargamers. This time Stuart Asquith’s interest is in Trautenau, 1866. This fascinating and bloody encounter in the short Austro-Prussian war, which led to Prussia’s supremacy over the Hapsburg Empire, deserves to be better known, and we hope that this piece does the trick.
The Wars of the Faltenian Succession. It’s true: for the time being, this will be the last of my articles, so I thought I’d better go out with a bang! So, what you get is a full set of simple rules for fighting a siege in the horse & musket era, with trench digging, sorties, escalades, the lot.
To boldly go… In our fantasy & sci-fi section, Roger Smith takes the opportunity to reveal a new ruleset under development down here in Sussex: Guy Hancock’s Krigen™. This brilliant system has lots of potential, and in this issue we’re treated to a full playtest game and the insights derived from it.
Table Top Teaser. Charles S Grant’s scenario this time is “Fighting Rearguard, or ‘always make it difficult for those that follow you”, which will have you trying to buy time for your retreating army. Who said wargaming wasn’t challenging enough?
• The Recce section is somehwat shorter than normal this issue, because of having so much else to fit in the magazine, but there’s still plenty here to help your buying decisions!
• John Preece’s short War and Preece column remembers the contribution of American wargamer Joe Morschauser, a man before his time.

Battlegames issue 12 PDF
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