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Battlegames issue 14 front coverChocolate teapots. Diane Sutherland reveals the unusual things her husband John does with decorative china.
Figure piracy – scourge of the hobby? Bob Barnetson investigates the thorny subject of recasting miniatures.
I like your style. Barry Hilton gives us a masterclass in comparative painting techniques. No less than seven different methods are described in detail, and he goes on to demonstrate top tips for basing too!
Forward Observer. Siggo gets stuck in to the TooFatLardies Sharp Practice rules with an in-depth review.
To boldly go… Roger Smith is impressed with the new 4th Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and gets really excited about Games Workshop’s new Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves army book.
Tabletop tips. The first in an occasional series, Phil Olley shows us how to set our gaming alight with tabletop fire effects.
Seven years in Silesia. Angus Konstam describes what inspired him to write his Kriegskunst mid-18th century rules and the challenges he faced, then rounds off with an exciting scenario for us to try.
The well of Tarka. Dan Mersey brings us a clever system for playing an ‘automated’ Sudan game and notes for adapting the Warhammer Historical Legends of the Old West for use in colonial wargames.
Table Top Teaser. “Reconnaissance in force or ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it’”. Phil Olley had a hand in the playtest of this brilliant scenario, including producing some wonderful shots of Charles Grant’s Spencer Smiths in action — yes, the ones that were used in The War Game!
Recce. Plenty of book, rule, figure and computer game reviews. Steve Gill even read a book by God! (Sort of…)
War and Preece. Our dear Johnny Preece delves into a particular battle in Burma where a particular Brigadier was serving…
The Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal: the beginning of a regular slot.

Battlegames issue 14 PDF
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