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Battlegames issue 17 front coverHave you seen my Neil Diamond CD? Diane Sutherland gives us another witty offering, this time with a recycling bent to create jungle scenery on old CDs.
Forward Observer. Siggo lauds the work of Peter Gilder, chats about the latest offerings at shows, and prompts me to make a promise about a plastics tutorial next issue (see me, Siggins!)
Artillery and the tabletop. Wargamer and historian Chris Scott opens his account for a new short series, “Talking wargaming”. Thought-provoking stuff.
Waterloo en masse. DCR Brown, author of the popular General de Brigade rules and all-round nice bloke, delivers the scenario and account of the huge Waterloo game played at South Mimms last November, accompanied by a clutch of pretty pics and full Orders of Battle for the game.
Table Top Teaser. “A dashing rescue, or ‘General Blunt’s woman’” is Charles S Grant’s offering this month. Can you save the lovely lady from the dastardly French?
To boldly go… Roger Smith considers the appeal of Urban War and War Machine, comparing and contrasting their mechanisms and all-round hobby appeal. Pics of some stunning minis accompany this.
Arsuf 1191 is the scenario offered by our second new contributor this issue. Daniel Johnson and his chums in Lancaster came up with their own Warmaster Medieval lists before the ‘official’ version was published recently, in order to stage this Warmaster megagame, pitting Richard the Lion Heart against his nemesis, Saladin.
Recce is, as ever, packed with reviews of the newest books, toys and stuff, including plastic 28mm British Napoleonics from both Victrix and the Perrys, the immense Frontline General WWII game, Through the Mud & Blood from TooFatLardies, Offensive Miniatures US Paratroops, Alessio Cavatore’s chess derivative Shuuro and much more besides…
• A new regular feature, we have an up-to-date worldwide calendar of events for May and June supplied by Tricks of the Newark Irregulars.
• An update for our Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal, with details of the special figures being sculpted and auctioned for Julian Evans’ own appeal efforts.

Battlegames issue 17 PDF
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