Battlegames Zulu Wars Gaming Special: FREE!

Battlegames "Zulu!" special edition coverIn issue 14, Dan Mersey wrote a piece set in the Sudan, with a unit of British holding off hordes of natives. In the best traditions of wargaming, I stole his idea and translated it to the Zulu Wars, and this FREE download is my rendition of the idea. It includes a set of rules suitable for many colonial settings and a nail-biting scenario to test your skills against an ‘automated’ opponent. As I know from running the game at shows, it works well with as many as four or five participants sharing the command of the British, plus a willy and cunning gamesmaster! It’s great for an evening’s fun play at a club.

So, just add this to your shopping cart as normal at the special price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, go to the checkout and within a couple of minutes, you can be having fun with a retreating rump of the 24th Foot, holding off ‘fahsens’ of Zulus hot on your heels after the defeat at Isandlwhana.


P.S. If you like it a lot, you can always make a small donation to the Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal.

Battlegames Zulu Special Edition
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