Battlegames issues 7-12

Battlegames issue 7-12This is where you can find issues 7-12 of Battlegames, produced before the takeover by Atlantic Editions Limited in December 2011. This has been made possible with the kind permission of the new owners of Battlegames, Atlantic Editions. Note that if you would like a printed copy of any of these issues, or are interested in any issue from 27 onwards, then please visit the Battlegames section of the Atlantic website.

All PDF issues of Battlegames are identical to the original printed versions other than minor alterations to update subscription information and indicate the new format. The files are  144dpi, sufficient to enable you to ‘zoom in’ on pictures and achieve a pleasing print-out at home, whilst keeping the file size small enough for rapid download (most are in the 8-12Mb range)

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