The Current State of Siggins

Popular wargames writer Mike Siggins returns with a surprise update on his current wargaming activities. Note: The opinions expressed here are Mike's own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor. Social Media It is fairly certain that if, like my good friend Craig, I had almost … Continue reading

All Quiet on the Henry Front?

Not likely! It's true, dear visitor, that this blog has appeared somewhat quiet since the new year, but if you take a quick look over on the Patreon site, you'll see that in fact, I've been a busy boy. Also, take a look at the new Battlechat Podcasts page in the menu above—you'll see that … Continue reading
The first battlegames site splash page, first launched June 18th 1998.

Twenty Years of Battlegames

On 18thJune, 1998—Waterloo Day—I pressed the launch button on a site that was to dominate my life in one way or another for the next 20 years. I look back now at that first version of the site, which was designed to fit what was, by today’s standards, the microscopic screen size of 640 x … Continue reading