All Quiet on the Henry Front?

Not likely! It's true, dear visitor, that this blog has appeared somewhat quiet since the new year, but if you take a quick look over on the Patreon site, you'll see that in fact, I've been a busy boy. Also, take a look at the new Battlechat Podcasts page in the menu above—you'll see that … Continue reading

Battlechat Podcast Episode 4

Hot off the microphones, here's the podcast recorded with my old friend Guy Hancock this morning. Guy is well known in the local wargaming community as the owner of the (sadly short-lived) Wargames Heaven shop and has been gaming almost as long as I have (think early 1970s). But of course, the … Continue reading

An Apology to Rob Burman

Following my recent interview for the Meeples & Miniatures podcast, I have been contacted by Rob Burman, formerly Editor of Tabletop Gaming and now head of PR and Marketing at Mantic Games. Rob was concerned that I had misinterpreted his reasons for leaving Warners and wished to make it … Continue reading